The Noblemen Gather the People to God

“The noblemen of the people gather the people of the God of Abraham for to God are the shields of the earth. He is to be greatly exalted!” (Psalm 47:10 {verse 9 in English translations})   The close of this psalm begins with an interesting visual picture. First of all, the term that we render… Read More

God Reigns from His Holy Throne

“God reigns over the peoples; God sits upon his holy throne.” (Psalm 47:9 {verse 8 in English translations})   The plain theme of God’s lordship and rulership over his creation continues through this verse as we move through the psalm — God is worthy of our praise — he alone is King and Ruler and… Read More

Sing with Understanding

“God is King over all of the earth; sing a maskil!” (Psalm 47:8 {verse 7 in English Translations})   Once more, to drive the great Truth home, the psalmist proclaims that God is indeed the sovereign king over all of his creation — and he indeed is not done doing so! Surely it is true… Read More

Sing! Sing! Sing!

“You must sing to God; you must sing! You must sing to our King; you must sing!” (Psalm 47:7 {verse 6 in English translations})   Some of our translations insert the word “praises” into the text to read: “sing praises.” Though this is not a wrong inference, it is an inference nonetheless. What is most… Read More

The Inheritance of God

“He chose our inheritance for us — the splendor of Jacob, whom he loves! Selah!” (Psalm 47:4 {verse 5 in English Translations})   In the immediate sense, the psalmist is clearly thinking about how God is the one who not only brought the people into Canaan, casting out the Canaanites, but also that it is… Read More

Driving out the Nations; Crushing the Strongholds

“He drove out peoples under us; Nations under our feet.” (Psalm 47:4 {verse 3 in English Translations})   “The God of Peace will quickly crush Satan under your feet — the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” (Romans 16:20)   The Biblical testimony is consistently that if you remember the things that God… Read More

The Great King is to be Feared

“For Yahweh Elyon is to be feared — Great King over all the earth.” (Psalm 47:3 {verse 2 in English Translations})   As kids we were always told that it wasn’t nice to call people names — at least bad names… Yet, there is a practice of scripture of attributing names of honor to God.… Read More

Sons of Korah — Psalm 47

“For the Overseer: A Psalm of the Sons of Korah” (Psalm 47:1 {superscript in English translations})   Once again we find a superscript in the psalm that directs us as to who wrote the work itself. As we have discussed when looking at these other psalms of the sons of Korah, their legacy is one… Read More