Leaving a Legacy

“For there is no eternal remembrance for the wise along with the foolish. With the days that have already come, are all forgotten and how the wise dies along with the foolish.” (Ecclesiastes 2:16) Do you see what Solomon is saying? As we have pointed out before, he is not falling into nihilism or fatalism… Read More

Remembering You

“I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you.” (Philippians 1:3) Our experience, C.S. Lewis wrote, does not end with the event that causes the experience, but the experience works on us, matures within us, and grows into something beautiful as we reflect on and remember the original event. Biblically, remembrance of the… Read More

The Children of Keturah

“And she bore to him: Zimran, Yoqshan, Medan, Midyan, Yishbaq, and Shuach.”   And here the children of Abraham and Keturah are remembered by name. Zimran: Likely derived from the Hebrew word rAmÎz (zamar), which refers to the playing of an instrument or the singing of praise to God. Children are indeed a blessing and… Read More

Driving out the Nations; Crushing the Strongholds

“He drove out peoples under us; Nations under our feet.” (Psalm 47:4 {verse 3 in English Translations})   “The God of Peace will quickly crush Satan under your feet — the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” (Romans 16:20)   The Biblical testimony is consistently that if you remember the things that God… Read More

If you are there, God…

“On this very day I came to the spring and I said, ‘Yahweh, God of my lord, Abraham, if you are there, please bring success to my way upon which I have walked.” (Genesis 24:42)   Many of our modern English translations will render the phrase of Eliezer: “if you will prosper my way…” yet… Read More

The Value of A Life

“And it came to pass that Sarah lived one-hundred and twenty-seven years; these are the years of Sarah.” (Genesis 23:1) Isn’t it amazing that, when all of our years on earth are done, they are summed up so briefly? Behind our church there is a cemetery with rows and rows of headstones. And in most… Read More

David in the Wilderness: Psalm 63 (part 7)

“When I remember you on my couch, in the night watches, I mediate upon you.” (Psalm 63:7 {Psalm 63:6 in English Bibles})   David begins this passage with a conditional clause.  In the Hebrew, this particular conditional clause (with the conjunction ~ai (im)), reflects the idea of a realizable condition.  In other words, this is… Read More