“You are more magnificent than the Sons of Adam; grace pours from your lips. Therefore, God has blessed you forever.” (Psalm 45:3 {verse 2 in English}) Many English Bibles translate the first Hebrew word in this verse as “beautiful” or “fair,” though it should be noted that the NIV chooses the better term, “excellent,” here. … More Magnificence


“Thus, may all your enemies perish, Yahweh! And may his beloved be like the sun in its strength! Then the land had rest for 40 years.” (Judges 5:31) The end of the poem — the end of the song — with a praise and a blessing. It is a call for all who stand against … More Rest

Mockery of the Wicked

“Out from the window, she gazed from above, and the mother of Sisera lamented from behind the lattice, ‘What is the reason for his chariot being so long in coming? Why do the hoofbeats of his chariots delay?’ Her wise noblewomen answered — she likewise returned her answer to herself: ‘Maybe they haven’t found and … More Mockery of the Wicked

Sisera Fell

“For water, he asked; milk she gave him. In a magnificent bowl, she brought cream. Her hand upon a wooden peg was set and her right hand to the workman’s mallet. She beat Sisera; shattered his head — shattered and pierced through his temple. Between her feet he bowed and fell and lay still — … More Sisera Fell

The Sin of Meroz

“‘Curse Meroz!’ said the Angel of Yahweh, ‘You must surely curse those who dwell in it, for they did not come to help Yahweh, to help Yahweh in the midst of the mighty ones!’” (Judges 5:23) It is debated as to where Meroz is located. It is believed that it is located in the tribal … More The Sin of Meroz

Whose Hoofbeats?

“Then beat the hoofs of the horses, from galloping — the galloping of his mighty ones!” (Judges 5:22) And in come the steeds! The loud noise of the horse hooves, thundering as they beat the ground like a drum in full gallop. The question is, whose steeds? Who is the “his” that is being spoken … More Whose Hoofbeats?

Press On!

“The kings came and they came to blows; then came to blows the kings of Canaan. At Ta’anak, at the waters of Meggido. They took no silver plunder. From heaven they came to blows; the stars in their fixed movement came to blows with Sisera. The river Qishon washed them away; the ancient river, the … More Press On!