Stephen Hawking, C.S. Lewis, and the Saracen’s Head

First of all, I would like to state up front that what I am about to say is not meant as a mockery of Dr. Hawking or of his condition. While many of his ideas deserve to be mocked, he has proven himself to be a brilliant mathematician and cosmologist. I have appreciated his writings… Read More

An Outline of C.S. Lewis’ Writings

  Works By C.S. Lewis   Date Published Pre-Conversion Writings Spirits in Bondage:  A Cycle of Lyrics 1919 Dymer 1926 Post Conversion Writings The Pilgrim’s Regress: An Allegorical Apology for Christianity, Reason, and Romanticism 1933 The Allegory of Love:  A Study in Medieval Tradition 1936 Out of the Silent Planet 1938 Rehabilitations, and other Essays… Read More

C.S. Lewis: Christianity and Literature (outline)

Christianity and Literature:  Outline   The Big Idea:  What distinguishes Christian Literature?  Answer:  it clearly points to Christ   Introduction: Asked to discuss “Christian Literature” though unsure of value of this discussion Understands that Literature is a means for sharing the Gospel Rules for good writing are same for Christian and non-Christian Thus, does not… Read More

C.S. Lewis: Miracles (outline, part 2)

Miracles By C.S. Lewis   Flow of the Argument   Chapter 11: I.  The Big Idea             a.  The difference between Tradition and a living faith II.  “Those who make religion their god will not have God for their religion” Thomas Erskine             a.  Popular Religion                         1.  God is abstract                                    … Read More

C.S. Lewis: Miracles (Outline, part 1)

Miracles By C.S. Lewis   Flow of the Argument   Chapter 1: I.  The Big Idea:  Before we can argue for Miracles, we must answer the philosophical question as to whether miracles can exist.             a.  They either do exist or they do not.             b.  If they do exist, we must also ask if… Read More

C.S. Lewis: The Problem of Pain (outline)

The Problem of Pain C.S. Lewis Overview of the Argument Chapter 1: I.  The Big Idea:             A.  There is Pain on the earth                         1.  In the natural world creatures prey upon one another                         2.  In the natural world life is sustained through the death of other things                         3. … Read More