Free Resources

Much of what you find below are materials I used in my days as a Christian School and then as a Christian Home-School Teacher. Some are still works in progress, but you are welcome to use and share these as useful so long as credit is given where credit is due.

Harmony of the Gospels Study Guide (based on AT Robertson’s Harmony)

1 Peter Study Guide

2 Peter Study Guide

Jude Study Guide

Hebrew Structure of the Old Testament

Parallel Structure of the Bible

Psalms and the Psyche Workbook.numbers

The New Testament Canon

Overview of English Translations

How We Got Our English Bible Workbook

C.S. Lewis’ “Miracles” Outline, Parts 1&2

C.S. Lewis’ “The Problem of Pain” Outline

C.S. Lewis’ “Christianity and Literature” Outline

C.S. Lewis’ “De Futilitate” Outline

The Doctrine of Justification Chart

The Doctrine of Justification, Historical Formulations

Perkins’ Resolution of the Creed

Christianity in a World of Isms Homeschool Workbook

It’s Greek to Me Homeschool Workbook

The Art of Thinking Well Homeschool Workbook

The Fallacy Files Homeschool Workbook



2014 Compiled Bible Crossword Challenge (This is from 2014, but gives you a reading plan to work through the 66 books of the Bible with a crossword puzzle covering each week’s readings).