Sons of Korah — Psalm 47

“For the Overseer: A Psalm of the Sons of Korah”

(Psalm 47:1 {superscript in English translations})


Once again we find a superscript in the psalm that directs us as to who wrote the work itself. As we have discussed when looking at these other psalms of the sons of Korah, their legacy is one of grace and mercy as well as one of God’s sovereign election. Korah rebelled against God (Numbers 16) and was judged for that rebellion. He and his family were killed by God’s mighty hand. Yet, though God would have been righteous in doing so, God chose to preserve the sons of Korah, and they did not die in that time of judgment (Numbers 26:11) and permitted them the honorable position of being keepers of the entrance to the Tabernacle (1 Chronicles 9:19). Though they might have been worthy of judgment, God spared them and reinstated their family in a place of honor — and it is from this setting of having received grace, the Sons of Korah add to the worship of God’s people words of praise and adoration.

Thus, the psalm is written and is presented to the Levite in charge of the worship in the temple. It is found to be good, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and has been kept by the Spirit throughout the generations as a reminder that the right response to grace is worship. How often we, more like spoiled children, fail to appreciate grace for more than just a few moments. How often worship is something that comes only after our situation has turned out in our favor. How rarely we often proclaim to others the good things that our God has done and call them to worship as well. How often we have failed to learn the lesson of the Sons of Korah that even in the midst of judgment there is a place for praise of an infinite and glorious God and it is right and proper to reflect that in our lives and in our words. May we model the wisdom of these Sons of Korah as we apply this psalm to our lives — day in and day out.

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