God Said It and Yes, That Settles It

God Said it and Yes, that Settles It: An open letter in response to Adam Hamilton, on the United Methodist decision on the question of homosexuality in the church. (Dr. Hamilton’s Original Post can be found here) One of the benefits of the internet age is that it has allowed communication and ideas to be… Read More

Short Devotions for Holy Week

Pilgrim Thoughts: Previously Unpublished Devotions for Good Friday and Passion Week For a number of years now, I have been writing short devotions for Holy Week or Passion Week as well as for Good Friday. These devotions have not appeared either here on this blog or in print form, so this year, I decided to… Read More

Finally, it is here…Getting back into a better routine

Seven years ago I began the process of writing an introduction to Systematic Theology — a primer of sorts — from a broadly evangelical perspective, for use with the students I taught. Two summers ago I took a week and wrote the last chapter as well as expanding the chapter on Theology Proper into two… Read More

Note, that I haven’t dropped off of the Map…at least not intentionally.

This summer I made the decision that instead of writing new material, I would focus on putting some old material into a format so that it would be ready for publication. I am not sure that my decision was entirely the best idea, but nonetheless, that was the call that I made and I am… Read More