An Outline of C.S. Lewis’ Writings


Works By C.S. Lewis
  Date Published
Pre-Conversion Writings
Spirits in Bondage:  A Cycle of Lyrics 1919
Dymer 1926
Post Conversion Writings
The Pilgrim’s Regress: An Allegorical Apology for Christianity, Reason, and Romanticism 1933
The Allegory of Love:  A Study in Medieval Tradition 1936
Out of the Silent Planet 1938
Rehabilitations, and other Essays 1938
The Personal Heresy:  A Controversy between EMW Tillyard and CS Lewis 1939
The Problem of Pain 1940
A Preface to Paradise Lost 1942
Broadcast Talks 1942
The Screwtape Letters 1942
The Weight of Glory, and other Addresses 1942
Christian Behavior:  A Further Series of Broadcast Talks 1943
Perelandra (Reprinted in 1953 as “A Voyage to Venus”) 1943
The Abolition of Man:  Or, Reflections on Education with Special Reference to the Teaching of English in the Upper Forms of Schools 1943
Beyond Personality:  The Christian Idea of God 1944
That Hideous Strength: A Modern Fairy-Tale for Grownups (Abridged version published in 1946 as “The Tortured Planet”) 1945
George Macdonald:  An Anthology 1946
The Great Divorce 1946
Essays Presented to Charles Williams 1947
Miracles:  A Preliminary Study 1947
Authorian Torso:  Containing the Posthumous Fragment of the Figure of Arthur by Charles Williams and a Commentary on the Authorian Poems of Charles Williams 1948
Transporation, and Other Addresses 1949
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe 1950
Prince Caspian 1951
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 1952
Mere Christianity (Revision and Expansion of “Broadcast Talks”, “Christian Behavior”, and “Beyond Personality”) 1952
The Silver Chair 1953
The Horse and His Boy 1954
English Literature in the Sixteenth Century Excluding Drama:  Volume III of The Oxford History of English Literature (In 1990, Lewis’ volume was renumbered as Volume IV, “Poetry and Prose in the Sixteenth Century”) 1954
The Magician’s Nephew 1955
Surprised by Joy:  The Shape of My Early Life 1955
The Last Battle 1956
Till We Have Faces:  A Myth Retold 1956
Reflections on Psalms 1958
Studies in Words 1960
The Four Loves 1960
The World’s Last Night, and other Essays 1960
A Grief Observed 1961
An Experiment in Criticism 1961
They Asked for a Paper:  Papers and Addresses 1962
Posthumous Writings
Letters to Malcolm:  Chiefly on Prayer 1964
The Discarded Image:  An introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature 1964
Poems 1964
Screwtape Proposes a Toast, and Other Pieces 1965
Letters of CS Lewis 1966
Of Other Worlds:  Essays and Stories 1966
Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature 1966
Spenser’s Images of Life 1967
Christian Reflections 1967
Letters to An American Lady 1967
A Mind Awake: An Anthology of Lewis 1968
Narrative Poems 1969
Selected Literary Essays 1969
God in the Dock:  Essays on Theology and Ethics (Published in UK in 1971 as “Undeceptions: Essays on Theology and Ethics”) 1970
Fern Seeds and Eliphants and other Essays on Christianity 1975
The Joyful Christian:  Readings from CS Lewis 1977
The Dark Tower, and Other Stories 1977
They Stand Together:  The Letters of C.S. Lewis to Arthr Greeves, 1914-1963 1979
Of This and Other Worlds 1982
On Stories, and Other Essays on Literature 1982
The Business of Heaven: Daily Readings from CS Lewis 1984
Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young CS Lewis 1985
First andSecond Things: Essays on Theology and Ethics 1985
Letters to Children 1985
Present Concerns 1986
Timeless at Heart 1987
Letters:  CS Lewis and Don Giovanni Calabria:  A Study in Friendship (First issued as “The Latin Letters of CS Lewis” in 1987) 1988
All My Road before Me:  The Diary of CS Lewis, 1922-1927 1991
The Collected Poems of CS Lewis 1994
CS Lewis:  Collected Letters, Family Letters, 1905-1931, Volume 1 2000

About preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I love having this kind of a specific reference.


  2. I found your outline of Miracles. I am expanding it into the remainder of the chapters. I hope to convince one of our pastors to lead a class on Miracles for our congregation. If you would like a copy of my work, send me a note.


    • Thanks Jim, I would enjoy reading your take on the outline. If you will note, I do have a second part to the Miracles outline floating around on the blog. I had broken it up into two parts as I had taught the book as part of a High School CS Lewis class and they had an exam half way in the middle of the book (lol!); hence I taught it in parts. If you don’t have any luck finding it on this blog, you might check out my former teaching resources blog (it is not really up to date, but the files should be there in pdf format for download, just go to the CS Lewis tab: ). Help yourself to anything useful that you find there. And I would agree, Miracles is a great book to do as a book study as a church…still very applicable today.




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