God’s Garden

(Genesis 2-3)


It would seem that God is the original gardener.  And what a garden he planted.  It was paradise!  Yet, what made it paradise is not the variety of beautiful and tasty plants, but God’s own presence therein.   God strolled freely with Adam and Eve in the garden.  Even the pits of hell would be paradise with Him as a companion. Yet this garden also was not fallen.  There were no thorns or thistles, there were no pesky rocks to till out, and there were no diseases within the place.  There were no storms in Eden.  There were no natural disasters or floods to worry about; just the cool summer rain that fell gently on their backs.

There was no viciousness in the animals and no predators to worry about.  They could sleep under the stars gazing at a picture of God’s glory undefiled by the clouds of sin or the fear of darkness.  They lay naked and unashamed.  What a contrast this is to our world today.  And Adam and Eve gave all of this up for a bite of fruit and a lust to be like their creator.

It has been said that you never appreciate your blessings until they are gone.  How this truth is illustrated by Adam and Eve.  They threw away paradise!  And we would do the same if we got the chance.  How often we find ourselves longing for the “greener” grass on the other side of the hill.  We know that it is not greener, but our heart still yearns for it.  How often we reflect longingly at past paths of sin.  We only remember the fleeting moments of pleasure and never the lasting pain of guilt and grief.  Oh how often we see the seeds of temptation as harmless, yet, time and time again, they sprout in our fertile hearts.

Let our hearts long once again for paradise.  For the believer in Jesus Christ, paradise has been reserved for you in heaven, no more will the ravages of sin destroy.  Yet, as we look around at those we care about, we must ask, how many of them will not be joining us there.  Let us seek to plant the seeds of paradise in the hearts of those around us, that they might walk the cool meadows of heaven by our side.


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