The Garden of God’s Word

Before I enter scripture itself, I wanted to begin with it as a whole.  God’s word is very much like a wonderful garden, filled with all kinds of produce.  And, it is a garden that reflects back at us all of the thorns and thistles of our lives.  When I was growing up, my parents kept a large vegetable garden.  This garden usually caused me to lament the coming of Saturday, for I often was made to spend them pulling up weeds or tilling the soil when I would have rather been playing baseball or watching cartoons like my friends.  Yet, though we all sweated and toiled over it, the produce was always a blessing on the dinner table. 

God’s word is the same way.  As a Christian, we need to labor in it.  It takes work to root out the deep truths and riches that it contains.  Does that mean that the Bible is full of thorns and thistles, subject to the fall?  Certainly not!  The thorns and thistles are the things that we bring to the table.  These are our secret sins and lusts.  The word of God is powerful and potent when it comes to convicting men of their sinful ways.  And if we are going to approach the word of God seeking its fruit, then those thorns and thistles in our own life must be pulled out by the root.

But what a rich variety of fruit that lies within God’s Word!  There are the sweet berries of God’s promises, the abundant and hearty beans of God the Father’s nature revealed within, the spicy peppers of the power of God the Holy Spirit moving through history, and the earthy tubers of God the Son’s work on earth.  There are the majestic and flowering fruit trees of God’s grace and there are the bitter radishes of God’s judgment on unbelievers.  And the abundance therein proclaims without hesitation God’s glory and his constancy toward and provision for his people. 

And just as is with any healthy garden, it is full of life.  Worms to till the soil, bugs to pollinate, and birds to fill the trees with song, God’s word is alive and healthy and how the Christian ought to long to rest therein for all of his days.  And the garden most importantly is a garden that is fed with a spring of pure and living water, even though it is surrounded by a dry and arid land.  What an oasis we have in God’s Word!  Oh, how the Christian inflicts such pain on himself by seeking the worldly pleasures of baseball and cartoons over the riches of God’s word.


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