Adam’s Garden

(Genesis 4)


What a contrast Adam’s garden is to God’s.  Adams is filled with rocks, thorns, and thistles.  It requires the sweat of the brow to be worked, and where was the eternal spring of water to nourish the produce?  And where was the presence of God, walking freely within?

There is such a difference between the things that God has made and the things that we attempt to make.  We marvel at our towers and sky-scrapers, yet God built the mountains to tower miles high.  We have seen towers topple as a result of earthquakes and hurricanes.  On September 11th a few years back, we found out how quickly towers fall in an explosion.  Yet, even with the explosive force of a volcano, which is millions of times more powerful than a detonating airliner and thousands of times more powerful than an atom bomb, there is still quite a formidable mountain that remains.  James says that the edifices of man will burn away like grass under the hot winds of the summer.  Pound for pound, the tensile strength of the silken strand of a spider-web is many times greater than that of man-made steel alloys.  Oh the vanity that lies with in the garden of the children of Adam.

And what fruit did Adam’s garden bear?  It bore the fruit of discontent and shame, for it was Cain the gardener who slew his brother in the fields.  And we are still slaying each other today in our fields.  Yes, we may be more subtle than to bash in our brother’s head with a rock, but when we destroy his marriage because of a fling with his wife, we do the same thing.  Calvin said that the heart of man is a factory of idols.  If that is the case, it is the mind of man that is the heart’s marketing firm.  And production is in high gear.  Not only do we fill our lives with the thorns and thistles of sin, but we export our sins to our neighbors and our children.  What a mess Adam’s garden was.  What a mess ours continues to be.

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