Feelings…Nothing More Than Feelings…Argh!

“In so far as it is right for me to think this way regarding all of you, because you are in my heart, in both the chains and in the defense and validation of the Gospel, all of you are partakers of grace with me.” (Philippians 1:7) This is one of those points that, when… Read More

Family Tree of Modern English Bible Translations

Here is a visual history of English Bibles and their historical/philosophical family trees.  Note that these studies are works in progress as they were begun a number of years ago and as new translations of the Bible are always being developed. win   bible-versions

Some Background to Modern English Bible Translations

            There are a plethora of different Bible translations available for the Christian to choose from.  Some are better and some are worse.  All come from a devout desire to make the written word of God accessible to people of all cultures, languages, and walks of life.  This is not meant… Read More