A Proverb in Song: part 15

“Man is in his splendor, yet he does not understand; he has become the same as beasts which are silenced.” (Psalm 49:21 {Psalm 49:20 in English Bibles})     The psalmist brings this parable in song to a close with these words.  Man in all his splendor—his creations, his art, his architecture, his music, his… Read More

A Proverb in a Song: part 12

“Like sheep, they are directed toward Sheol, death shall shepherd them, and the upright one shall tread upon them through the morning. Their rock images shall be destroyed in Sheol from His lofty abode. Nevertheless, God will redeem my life from the hand of Sheol, For He will take me—Selah!” (Psalm 49:15-16 {Psalm 14-15 in… Read More

A Proverb in a Song: part 9

“Their graves are their everlasting homes— tabernacles from generation to generation; they proclaim loudly by their own name over the land.” (Psalm 49:12 {Psalm 49:11 in English})   Not only will all face death—both the wise and the foolish, great and small, but apart from God, there is none who can escape the grave.  No… Read More

A Proverb in a Song: part 4

“My mouth shall speak wisdoms; the meditation of my heart is understanding.” (Psalm 49:4 {Psalm 49:3 in English Bibles})   And now that the psalmist has called peoples from across the planet to heed the words of his lips, he addresses them specifically.  He is saying, listen here, you people of the earth and I… Read More

A Proverb in a Song: part 2

“Hear this, all ye peoples! Listen carefully, all who dwell in the world!” (Psalm 49:2 {Psalm 49:1 in English Bibles})   Notice to whom this psalm is written.  All too often we only think of the scriptures in terms of being written for God’s people, yet, this psalm is addressing all people of world!  Oh,… Read More