A Proverb in a Song: part 2

“Hear this, all ye peoples!

Listen carefully, all who dwell in the world!”

(Psalm 49:2 {Psalm 49:1 in English Bibles})


Notice to whom this psalm is written.  All too often we only think of the scriptures in terms of being written for God’s people, yet, this psalm is addressing all people of world!  Oh, what an important reminder this is that the oracles of God are to be shared with all of creation—young and old, rich and poor, far and near.  The gospel is for every culture and race and the truth of God is suitable for all.

How often we adopt the attitude, when dialoguing with non-believers, do we back down from holding to this great truth.  We adopt the attitude of our culture which says, “Let me believe what I want to believe and I will let you believe what you want to believe…”  It makes people uncomfortable when you hold fast to the position that the truth of scripture is the only truth and all other things that masquerade as truth have their origins in the pits of Hell.  It does not sound very “tolerant” to say that, does it?  Yet, is light tolerant of the darkness?  Indeed, not!  Light casts darkness away!

We live in a world where people have preferred darkness to light (John 3:19), for in the darkness, the sins of men remain hidden.  Light exposes sin for what it is and light hurts the eyes when it is seen for the first time, yet, beloved, light is where we belong, for God is light.  And as we are in the light, we then must, by necessity, reflect the light of His glory into the world and the world will largely reject us—not for who we are, but for whose light we shine.  Beloved, do not be shy about shining your light amongst men and women, the truth of scripture is for all mankind—without qualification or exception.  Truth is truth, regardless of the circumstances.  So shout to the world, with this psalmist, that they would hear the truth of God’s wonderful revelation!

I will tell the wondrous story,

How my lost estate to save,

In His boundless love and mercy,

He the ransom freely gave.

Sing, O sing of my Redeemer!

With His blood he purchased me;

On the cross he sealed my pardon,

Paid the debit and made me free.

-Philip Bliss

About preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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