Blasphemy and Death

“The Jews answered him, ‘We have a law and according to the law he is obliged to die for he has made himself the Son of God.’” (John 19:7)   In a country ruled by Rome, capital punishment was a right reserved for the Romans except for one instance…and that is blasphemy in the Temple.… Read More

Whose Hypocrisy?

“And when dawn came, all the chief priests and the elders of the people deliberated regarding Jesus so that they might put him to death. They bound him and led him away, delivering him to Pilate the governor.” (Matthew 27:1-2)   “And at dawn, immediately the chief priests made deliberations with the elders and scribes… Read More


“Then the High Priest rent his garments, saying, ‘Blasphemy! What witnesses yet do we have to have? Behold, you have now heard blasphemy! What do you rule?’ And they replied, ‘He is liable to death.’” (Matthew 26:65-66)   “Then the High Priest rent his tunic, saying, ‘What witnesses yet do we have to have? You… Read More

Warnings about the Church’s Present: Blasphemy

“To be sure, in the same way, these people are dreaming, and to be sure, they defile the flesh.  Also, they reject authority and they blaspheme.  As for Michael, the Archangel, when disputing with the Devil, arguing about the body of Moses, he did not dare to judge—to bring denigration—but he said, “The Lord rebuke… Read More