“Let Mount Zion rejoice! Let the daughters of Judah shout in exultation! Because of your judgments.” (Psalm 48:12 {verse 11 in English}) What a contrast that we find here between the celebration of the daughters of Judah and the lamentation that Jesus speaks of in Luke 23:28 as he is being led up the hills… Read More

Food for the Soul and Guidance for Your Life

“Having said this, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord. For me to write this to you is not something from which I shrink, on the other hand, for you it is firm ground.” (Philippians 3:1) This verse is a little bit idiomatic, but should not be too hard to sort through. It begins with the… Read More

In What Will You Rejoice?

“What then? But that in every manner, either with a pretext or in truth, Christ is being declared and in this I rejoice…but rather, I rejoice!” (Philippians 1:18) Here you go…this is the mindset that we are talking about…here is a man who is focused on the goal above all else…he is focused on Christ… Read More

Rejoicing in Yahweh’s Divine Actions

“For you make me rejoice constantly, Yahweh, in your divine action; in the works of your hands, I continually exult.” (Psalm 92:5 [verse 4 in English])   The question that we must raise is whether or not we can really say, with the psalmist that we rejoice and exult in the works of God. On… Read More

David in the Wilderness: Psalm 63 (part 12)

“The King will rejoice in God; and boast, will all who swear by him; for the mouth will be shut of all who speak a lie.” (Psalm 63:12 {Psalm 63:11 in English Bibles})   And David, who is the rightful king of Israel, will rejoice in God (even in the midst of having to flee… Read More