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He will Continually Lead Us

“For this is God — our God — forever and ever;

He will continually lead us until death.”

(Psalm 48:15 {verse 14 in English})

For indeed, this mighty and protective God is our God…and he will be our God forever and ever. We need not fear that he will leave or forsake us and we need not fear that he will give us over to the enemy forever. He is our God forever. And what does that look like in a practical way? He will lead us until we die. While indeed he will hold us even until eternity, it is while we are here on this earth that we need God’s shepherding hand so powerfully to lead and to guide us through this world that is so filled with trial and temptations. And indeed, God will be that leader to guide our steps. Jesus himself uses the language that he is the Good Shepherd.

Yet, as we close this psalm with this promise, let us ask ourselves, are we obedient in following the Master’s lead? Or, do we simply pay lip-service to our guide and go in the direction that our preferences would take us? All too often it is the latter and not the former. All too often, professing Christians don’t even know the Scriptures well enough to recognize the direction that God sets before them in life. All too often the Bible is twisted or at best, picked through, and used to justify our preferences rather than to subdue our wills. May, we indeed be faithful sheep following our Good Shepherd…and to do that we begin with knowing his Word.