Destructions and Treachery

“Destructions are planned by your tongue; As a sharpened razor, you work treachery.” (Psalm 52:4 [verse 2 in English translations])   Normally, we are not used to seeing the word “destruction in the plural.” Destruction is more or less total and the idea of repeating a destruction over and over seems rather redundant. At the… Read More

Ignorance and Vague Generalities

Of the tools at the devil’s disposal, it would seem that ignorance and vague generalities are most commonly in his hands in the landscape of the American church. Here is not simply an indictment of the unbelieving culture at large, for who should expect them to know all of the details of our Christian faith… Read More

Thoughts on Structuring a Discipleship Program

Recently, I was asked for some input on how I would structure a discipleship program if I were to have about 6 months of fairly intensive time to work with a small group of men.  I thought that I would share my initial thoughts here.   When I began doing homeless ministry, I spent some… Read More

Pitfalls: The Marks of Bad Theology

Dead Orthodoxy: The first pitfall that must be deliberately avoided is that of a “dead” orthodoxy.  In the year 164 BC, the Jewish people celebrated the rededication of the temple after they had thrown off their Seleucid Syrian oppressors.  Antiochus Epiphanies had not only looted the temple of its gold and silver, but had gone… Read More