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Finally, it is here…Getting back into a better routine

Seven years ago I began the process of writing an introduction to Systematic Theology — a primer of sorts — from a broadly evangelical perspective, for use with the students I taught. Two summers ago I took a week and wrote the last chapter as well as expanding the chapter on Theology Proper into two chapters to make it more manageable. This past summer, I edited it by hand and last week I finally finished putting in the edits and building the index, table of contents, etc… Though I am no longer teaching High School, for me it was an unfinished project that needed to be finally birthed and used as it may, if even only as a future textbook for our children whom we homeschool.  😉

In the end, as I mentioned recently, I made the choice this summer to pause on my usual devotional writing and work on these two projects to bring them to completion. That done, I have missed the daily devotional writing and am looking forward to getting back to them (along with getting back to the comments and questions that some of you have left me). May God bless you and may God bless this completed work. If you are curious, you can click on the image below…

Living Blessedly Cover