David in the Wilderness: Psalm 63 (part 10)

“And those men of ruin, who require my life, they will go to the lowest parts of the earth.” (Psalm 63:10 {Psalm 63:9 in English Bibles})   Thus, not only does David have the assurance that he may hide behind the strong hand of God for protection, like a small child with his or her… Read More

David in the Wilderness: Psalm 63 (part 9)

“My soul cleaves behind you; your right hand takes hold of me.” (Psalm 63:9 {Psalm 63:8})   As David is reflecting on his dependence on God’s strong hand of defense, he switches to a different, but related metaphor.  In the previous verse, he employs the imagery of being a chick under a mother eagle’s wings;… Read More