Ego Deficiam

“I will fail them.” The early church fathers reflected on the relationships between pastors, the world, satan, and the church flock and developed a series of statements that described each relationship. The first of these statements was that of the pastor with regard to his people: Ego Deficiam (I will fail). At first, our response… Read More

The Four Craftsmen: Zechariah 1:18-21

“Then the Lord showed me four craftsmen.”  -Zechariah 1: 20, ESV   It is useful to remind ourselves how the Lord always has things well in control.  Here were the people, back in Jerusalem with the edict to rebuild the temple and the city walls, the people have floundered in their responsibility, and God reminds… Read More

Zechariah’s Night Visions: Introduction

            To understand the prophet Zechariah, one must have an understanding of the historical context in which that prophet was writing.  In 539 BC, King Cyrus of Persia overthrew the Babylonian Empire and a year later, sent a group of about 50,000 exiles home to Jerusalem with wealth, supplies, and a… Read More