Flee from the Place of Idols

“Thus, Ehud fled to safety while they hesitated and he went beyond the idols and fled to safety to the Se’iyratha.” (Judges 3:26) Ehud, thus, makes his escape while the servants hesitate, not wanting to stumble upon Eglon in a compromised state — of course, he is in a tremendously compromised state indeed! I think… Read More

Judges; A Messianic Warning

“And Yahweh raised up Judges. And they saved them from the hand of their looters.” (Judges 2:16) The role of the Judge is one that clearly is designed to prefigure Christ. They are redeemers of the people from their adversaries. They are signs of God’s grace, given that the people are in the hands of… Read More

Ego Decipiam

While the pastor must confess that he will fail his flock, the world makes a different profession. The world says, “I will deceive them” or “I will ensnare them.” How much more sinister is this response than the one that went before, yet how often has this been our experience. The world promises us wealth… Read More

Our God in Heaven (Psalm 115:2-3)

“Why should the nations say, ‘Now, where is their God?’ Our God is in the heavens— All that he delights in, he does.” (Psalm 115:2-3)               Indeed, those who have made gods to worship out of gold and silver do look at us and ask us how we can worship a God that we… Read More