Bearing Fruit…Mature Fruit

“To declare,  ‘Indeed, Righteous is Yahweh!’ ‘My Rock!’ ‘There is no injustice in him!’ (Psalm 92:16 {verse 15 in English}) Thus, what is the ripe fruit of spiritual maturity? Indeed, it is a declaration of praise that God is righteous and that he is the rock upon which you base your life. It is the… Read More

Really Good Fruit

“Even now, they prosper in their gray hair; They are plump and juicy.” (Psalm 92:15 {verse 14 in English translations}) While I can’t say that I know anyone who would like to be described as “plump and juicy,” we must remember that the analogy of the tree bearing good fruit is still before us. Thus… Read More

The Third Rejection (Judges 9:13)

“The Third Rejection”   “And the vine said to them, ‘Shall I leave my new wine, which is joy to God and men, and shall I go to dominate the trees?’” (Judges 9:13)   This is the third and the last rejection that the forest’s “new king committee” receives, and once again, the rejection is… Read More