Win’s Books

If you have appreciated what you have found here on my blog, perhaps you might want to consider picking up a few of my books, which cover a pretty broad range of topics. These books fall broadly into several categories:

Equipping with the Word Series:

Equipping with the Word is a series of books that work verse by verse through books of the Bible (or large sections of scripture). They are expositional in nature, which means they are part commentary and part devotional. They are good for your own personal Bible study or to guide you in the preparation to lead a small group study or Sunday School Class.

Theology for Everyone Series:

R.C. Sproul used to make the point that everyone is a theologian…but the difference between a good theologian and a bad theologian has to do with just how carefully the person reads their Bible. As Christians, we are people of a book and we must attend closely to that book (the Bible) and let it guide us in all we do. The Theology for everyone series is designed to take topics in theology and place them into the hands of the average person in the pew.

Reflections of a Pastor, Teacher,

and Theologian:

These books of reflections are groups of short essays designed to make you think about life and about your life in the church. Many of these essays began their life as church newsletter articles designed to inculcate a Christian Worldview and a Biblical vision for the churches I have served.

Odds & Ends:

This page contains books that don’t fall neatly into one of the categories above; please considuer perusing some of these offerings.

Pilgrim’s Progress Revisited:

John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s progress is still a treasured classic of Christian literature. In the spirit of this classic and in an attempt to capture the curiosity of a new generation, this book tells the story of two additional pilgrims from the City of Destruction, Michael and Hope, as they make their way to find their parents and the Celestial City of Christ. This was originally written for (and read to) a 3rd-4th grade audience as part of our Wednesday Night Bible Club program. Those children are still speaking of scenes in the book in my Confirmation Class, three years later. There is also plenty of room for a sequel if feedback is good.

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