Win’s Books

Win’s Books

If you have appreciated what you have found here on my blog, perhaps you might want to consider picking up a few of my books, which cover a pretty broad range of topics. These books fall broadly into several categories:

Equipping with the Word Series:

Equipping with the Word is a series of books that work verse by verse through books of the Bible (or large sections of scripture). They are expositional in nature, which means they are part commentary and part devotional. They are good for your own personal devotions, Bible studies, or to assist you as you lead or prepare to lead Bible studies or small groups.


Theology for Everyone Series:

If we really believe that the Word of God prepares us for every good work and that we are to “study to show ourselves approved workmen,” then it follows that the Christian should know the word of God as well as the system of thought that flows forth from that Word. One of the problems we face in our culture, though, is that we have learned to see theology as something that only pastors do or read. This series is designed to put theology back in the pews where it belongs — to prepare Christians to think Biblically in a straight-forward and not overly-technical way.


Reflections of a Pastor, Teacher, and Theologian:

These books contain reflections on various theological and social themes from a Biblical perspective. Many of these essays began as church newsletter articles or blog posts and have been compiled, re-edited, and grouped along thematic lines. They are also designed to follow a more popular and a less technical style.


This page contains books that don’t fall neatly into one of the categories above; please consider perusing some of these offerings.


Pilgrim’s Progress Revisited:

John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s progress is still a treasured classic of Christian literature. In the spirit of this classic, Pastor Win tells the story of two additional pilgrims as they escape from the City of Destruction. This is the story of Michael and Hope, a brother and sister, along with their friend, Prudence, whom they meet along the way. You will find many familiar characters and places if you are familiar with Bunyan’s classic, but they have been reimagined as we explore the Christian life from the perspective of some new characters.

This story was originally written and used as part of our mid-week children’s program. It was so well received, that we had it illustrated by an artist in the community and Middle Tree Press took on the project and published it. Pick up a copy for you and your family, I am sure you will enjoy and be edified by the tale.

  1. Wow, great books on great topics!


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