Show Me Your Glory, part 9: My Face

“And He said, ‘My face will go with you and I will secure rest for you.’” (Exodus 33:14)   There is an exegetical question that must be answered within this clause: should we translate this as “my presence” or “my face.”  Certainly, the idea that is being conveyed is that God’s presence will go with… Read More

Show Me Your Glory, part 8: This Nation-Your People

“And Moses said to Yahweh, ‘See, you said to me, ‘lead this people up.’  But you did not reveal to me who you were going to send with me.  And you said, ‘I have known you with a name and you have found favor in my eyes.’ And now, if I have found favor in… Read More

Show Me Your Glory, part 1: Introductions

While there are many themes that arise throughout Israelite history, one of the themes that plays a major role in redemptive history is that of seeking God’s face and seeking to see His glory.  Certainly God glorifies himself in many ways throughout the scriptures—creation itself reveals the glory of God (Psalm 19).  But ultimately and… Read More