The End of Things

“I turned around and set my heart to know and to explore and to seek wisdom and the end of things, but to know wickedness of foolishness and the foolishness of blindness and I found something more bitter than death: the woman who sets nets to snare the heart and binds the hands. The one who is good before God’s face is liberated from her and the sinner is captured by her.”

(Ecclesiastes 7:25-26)

It seems to me that Solomon had some firsthand experience in this area as he has with so much of what was before. Indeed, his downfall was the snares that women set for his heart. How sad it is when the great ones fall into traps of the heart.

There is a piece of practical wisdom that we can apply more broadly of which we ought to take note. Notice Solomon’s purpose — he was seeking to know and explore wisdom as well as the “wickedness of foolishness” and the “foolishness of blindness” (think spiritual blindness here, not physical blindness). And so, Solomon is trying to discern the depravity of man. How often it is that when people find themselves surrounded by the context of sin, they get pulled in. I am sure that the first time that Solomon sacrificed to idols he must have felt guilty. Yet he kept going back with his wives and sunk deeper and deeper into wickedness.

How often we too, will say, “just one more drink…” or “just one more piece of cake…” or “just one more snooze on the alarm clock…” or “just one more look at that pornographic site…” or “just one more lie…” and we can go on and on. Woe to the man who seeks out the depth of depravity for it can be assured that he will fall into it and find himself bound and fettered.

About preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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