God is in Her Midst

“God is in her midst; she will never be moved.

God will help her at the dawn of the morning.”

(Psalm 46:6 {verse 5 in English})

As we continue to explore this psalm, the language more and more points us to the consummation of all things when Christ will remake this world and establish the New Jerusalem, the eternal city where he will dwell permanently in the presence of men. What city of men is there that cannot be moved? Athens fell. Babylon fell. Rome fell. Constantinople fell. Nations rise and fall; none are eternal but the nation that God will establish in his time. And why will it be eternal? It will not be because of the work or craftsmanship of men, but it will be because of the presence of God himself in its midst.

Even the language of the “dawn of the morning” is language that anticipates the return of the Messiah. Peter speaks of the “morning star” rising (2 Peter 1:19) to speak of that time when the darkness that shrouds this fallen world will be ultimately lifted and in that day we will no longer need the lamp of scripture for the light of day (Christ’s perfect presence) will be with us. John uses similar language as well in the book of Revelation when Jesus refers to himself as the bright morning star (Revelation 22:16). 

Yet, for now we wait, dwelling as members of the Church…the shadow of the Kingdom of God to come in its fullness. And how, much like the Royal Temple, where the presence of God is, the church will not fall. Yet, how sad it is that God is so often not welcomed and embraced at the doorways of our church bodies. How awful it is that we often do not even ask for him to come into our midst, for we often would much prefer to do things our own way rather than the way of the King. In doing things our own way, we may find success by the standards of men, but in doing so we will crumble. In doing things in the way the King has prescribed, while men will shake their heads and fists at us, the church will live on. Beloved, to whom will you run in the day of trial? Yet know this, if you run to Christ, he will demand that your life reflect His design and not your own. Flee to him and submit to his rule; there is no better or richer way to live and to die in this world.

About preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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