The Three Woes

The Three Woes:


“Woe to them who have traveled the way of Cain, and to them who have committed the error of Balaam, who have dedicated themselves to wages, and to those who perished in Korah’s rebellion.” 

(Jude 11)


1)  The way of Cain:  Instead of taking the way of Christ, these false teachers are taking the way of Cain.  Cain resented the purity of his brother’s sacrifice, and sought to destroy it.  He perverted worship and he allowed pride to reign in his life.


2)  Balaam’s Error: Instead of following the truth of Christ, Balaam sought to curse God’s anointed for his own gain and sought to mislead the Israelites into disobeying God’s law.  He perverted the truth of doctrine for his own benefit.  In addition, Balaam also taught Balak how to seduce the young Israelite men and bring them into sin (Revelation 2:14).


3)  Korah’s rebellion:  Instead of seeking to live as Christ, Korah sought to usurp rule and authority from Moses and the true priesthood.  He perverted the life of the people of God, bringing disorder to the church.


These men are all apostate and brought destruction to the people who followed them.  Woe to them, they are perverters of worship.  Woe to them, they are perverters of the fellowship of God’s people.  Woe to them, they are perverters of the leadership of Christ’s church.  All of these men put their pride and personal desires ahead of the good of God’s people.  Each of these men were destroyed for their sin.

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A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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