Exhortation: Evangelize

“Now, show mercy to those who doubt; save others, snatching them from the fire; show mercy mixed with fear, hating even the garment stained by corrupted flesh.”

(Jude 22-23)


Jude’s guide for evangelism:  Jude moves on to exhort us to make our faith active with an outward expression of faith.   Now, there are some who suggest that these exhortations are directed to the faithful in addressing believers who are in various stages of drifting away.  While this may be the case, I suggest that in the context of the mission of the Church, these exhortations are a guide for bringing converts into the fold.  The church to which Jude is writing has fallen into error because of these false teachers.  Error usually is a gradual process, so there are probably quite a few within the congregation that are not saved.  Jude is providing this as a tool to deal with these people that are in their midst.

First, we are to be merciful to those who doubt.  As God has shown us mercy in our sin, so we need to show mercy toward others.  This does not mean that everyone can believe whatever they want, but it means that we also cannot shove our beliefs down someone else’s throat.  If change needs to take place, and their conversion is genuine, then the Holy Spirit will do his work in their life.   Note that the word that we translate as “doubt” is the Greek word diakri÷nw (diakrino), which means “to consider, evaluate, or doubt.”  Jude is making a contrast between the thoughtful doubter who is still wrestling through the question of faith and the mockers who think and speak like unreasoning animals.

Second, we are to snatch others from the fire.  When warnings do not work, sometimes a lifeguard is needed.  People are saved through hearing the Gospel read and preached, we are to be actively at work in the field of evangelism.  The real work is done by the Holy Spirit, but God has blessed us with the privilege of taking part in the process.  Thus preachers are commended to faithfully preach the word and believers are commended to faithfully live out that word in the presence of others.  Friends, if you are a born again believer, you have a witness or a testimony that can be used by God to draw others near to himself.  The question we must ask is whether we are willing to share that testimony with others.

Third, we are to show mercy mixed with fear.  Remembering that Godly fear is a humble awe and reverence toward him.  We are to always remember from where God has lifted us up as we deal with people where they are, but to be on our guard lest we fall into their pit.  Remember once again that God has shown you great mercy.  Mercy is best defined as doing for someone else what they cannot do for themselves and what you have no obligation to do for them. That describes what Jesus did for us while we were still sinners, will you demonstrate that kind of mercy to a dying world?

Fourth, we are to hate even the clothing stained by sin.  Clothing, in the Biblical mindset, represented status and position.  Believers are given Christ’s righteousness to wear as a robe.  Unbelievers wear the stained garments of their sinful life.  When we evangelize, we are to hate the sin, not the sinner, but must never be tempted to put on the clothes of a sinful life.  We are to be holy as God is holy.   In turn, it is not only sin that we are to hate, but also the lustful desires that lead to sin.  These desires often clothe the blackest sins with fleshly finery.  We are to separate ourselves from the corruption that leads to these sins.

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A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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