David in the Wilderness: Psalm 63 (part 5)

“Thus, I will bless you with my life;

in your name I will lift my hands.”

(Psalm 63:5 {Psalm 63:4 in English Bibles})


Not only will David lift his voice in praise, but he will lift his hands as well—fully praising his God and redeemer.  What a simple, but wonderful thought to keep before us!  Not only should our lips be lifted up in praise to our God, but so too should all of our body—everything that we do in life should be done for the praise and honor of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And, indeed, this is exactly what David is getting at when he says that he will bless God with his life.  Life is about worship and nothing less.  Life is not about accomplishing goals, learning facts, making money, or building families—it is about worship and everything else that we do (accomplishing goals, learning facts, making money, and building families included) is to be done to that end.

Loved ones, set this before you as you go through your day.  Is what you are doing—whatever it may be—done in a way that is worshipful toward God?  Do you do what you do out of a heart that is motivated by personal desires, or a desire to worship?  Beloved, there is nothing more satisfying than the worship of God.  A tool is most useful when it is used for the task for which it was created.  When used for other things, its usefulness is reduced and it will likely become damaged and less effective a the task for which it was created.  Beloved, you were created to worship God; you will never find satisfaction in anything else and in seeking those other things, you will likely damage yourself.  Yet worship is a perfect and right fit and when you do all that you do (work, recreation, chores, etc…) out of a heart of worship toward God, you will find these things to be satisfying as well.

And let us not stop there, for it is not just the believer that has an obligation to worship, but all people—again, that is what we were created to do.  And our being created in that way implies an obligation on us to do that which we were created to do.  Not only must we be worshiping God for all that he has done—especially in our redemption—but we must worship God for who he is, and even those who have not experienced redemption owe this to God.  God is infinitely wise, wonderful, beautiful, glorious, lovely, and powerful, and to neglect to praise one who is so much greater than you or I in every way is downright rude and arrogant—downright sinful. 

Oh, loved ones, how easy it is to become burdened and distracted by all of the cares of the world and all of our daily and weekly obligations.  Yet, beloved, how this causes us to lose focus of what we are to be about in this world.  We are to worship and we are to be about worship in all that we do.  If we lose sight of this, we will not only be less effective at all we do, but we will find that we are wounding and damaging ourselves, just as a flathead screwdriver is damaged when one takes to use it as a chisel.  Commit yourself to worship, friends, and all the other things will fall into their proper places.

O bless the Lord, my soul;

Let all within me join,

And aid my tongue to bless his name,

Whose favors are divine.

-Isaac Watts

About preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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