You Delight in Truth: Psalm 51 (part 7)

“Behold, truth you delight of in the inward parts

and in hidden places it is wisdom you teach me.”

(Psalm 51:8 {Psalm 51:6 in English Bibles})


Indeed, our God is truth and anything that is found that is apart from God has no truth in it.  The secular world may put things forward as the truth and they may make convincing arguments that they have truth to present, but unless God is at the heart of it, anything that is put forward as truth is but a shadow.  And thus, it is in truth that God delights!  How we as His people, must then reflect the truth in all that we do.  Beloved, do you wish to please God?  Indeed, then your life must radiate the truth of his person.  And oh how often we fall short of making that a reality in our lives.  We like the truth when it is beneficial to us; but when it is more convenient, we often justify lying.  Loved ones, do not fall prey to this trap, for just as truth is a reflection of the character of God, so too are lies a reflection of the character of Satan—and we must always seek to make our lives reflect the character of the one to whom we belong!

Keep in mind that this passage is set in the context of repentance.  One important aspect of confession before God is a recognition of what your sin really is—rebellion against God.  So often, when we look at our sin, we tend to down-play its severity.  We think of it as not that destructive or we justify it based on circumstances.  Sometimes we may even play the, “but I’m only human” card, which is particularly shameful for Christians to use.  While indeed we may be fallen humans, our forgiveness was bought at a terrible price, and when we recognize what Jesus did for us so that we might experience forgiveness, it should drive us to holy living and it should drive us to grieve our sin all the more.  And when we recognize that our lives are living testimonies to the character of the one we claim to serve, oh, how rationalizing sin should be but bitterness on our lips—oh how, as we look to our own sins—as we grieve over our own sins—we should always endeavor to speak the truth about our sins, recognizing them for what they are and hating the sins as God hates the sins.

And how must we learn to recognize sin from truth?  Indeed, the David reminds us that it is God who teaches truth to his people.  Beloved, this is part of the work of the Holy Spirit—to reveal that which is true to the people God has called to himself.  It is the Holy Spirit that must always guide our study of scripture and prayers, it is the Holy Spirit that must set the things of God on our heart so we may live day to day to His glory, and it is the Holy Spirit that testifies that what we have before us in God’s revealed word is truth and not the result of man’s imagination.  Beloved, God is truth, he delights in it and reveals it to his people.  Do you delight in God’s truth as God does?  Do you really cherish it and revel in it?  Does the truth of God in your hand cause praise to come to your lips?  And do you pray to God that he will reveal truth to you in the depths of your inward being?  Lastly, when you repent, is your repentance spurred by a heart for truth, seeking to see your sin through the same eyes as God sees your sin?  Truth is at the heart of David’s confession, is it at the heart of yours?


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