Outline of 1 Peter


I.  Greeting (1:1-2)


II.  God in his Grace is raising you out of your sin to salvation (1:3-12)

            1.  God has given us new birth to a greater inheritance (1:3-5)

            2.  God will keep that inheritance while you are being sanctified through

persecutions (1:6-7)

            3.  The joy of that salvation in your hearts and in the hearts of those who have

pointed to Christ from old (1:8-12)


III.  Therefore, be holy for God is holy (1:13-25)

            1.  Live your life obediently and in anticipation of what is coming (1:13-16)

            2.  God has redeemed you by the blood of Jesus Christ (1:17-21)

            3.  God has purified you through his imperishable word (1:22-25)


IV.  Therefore, live your lives to reflect God’s good work in you (2:1-3:22)

            1.  Rid yourself of sinful ways and nourish yourself on spiritual things (2: 1-3)

            2.  God has made you a holy nation, built on the Living foundation stone of Jesus

Christ (2:4-12)

            3.  Live in submission to authorities outside of the home (2:13-25)

            4.  Live in submission to authorities inside of the home (3:1-7)

            5.  Living submissively in spite of persecution brings you blessing and the

persecutor shame (3:8-17)

            6.  Look to your baptism as a reminder of Christ’s past work and its eventual

completion (3:18-22)


V.  Therefore, since Christ was persecuted, expect to be persecuted yourselves (4:1-19)

            1.  Misery loves company and will seek to drag you down into their sin (4:1-6)

            2.  Yet, judgment is coming, so be prepared (4:7-11)

            3.  Do not be surprised by your sufferings, but take joy in them (4:12-19)


VI.  Closing remarks to church leaders (5:1-11)

            1.  Be good shepherds, modeling your service on Christ, the Chief Shepherd


            2.  Live humble lives (5:5-7)

            3.  Resist the enemy in faith and persevere until the end (5:8-11)


VII.  Personal remarks and closing blessing (5:12-14)

About preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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