I: John 14:6



            This statement begins with the Greek word “ejgwv” (ego), which means “I.”  Though this may not seem significant, it is significant in the Greek language, for in Greek, the verb carries its own subject, in other words, it is redundant to use the actual word for “I” unless you are doing so for emphasis.  Literally, this statement begins, “I, I am the way…”

            Jesus is drawing attention to himself.  Not only is he the only pathway to the father, but he is the focal point of all Christian living.  It is his life, not ours, that is of utmost important.  The key is not the destination, but the guide that you are following.  It was more important for Thomas to understand that he must follow Christ than the destination to which Christ was leading him.

            Is that not all of our difficulties?  Do we not often get impatient with the journey, wanting to get to the destination more quickly?  Are we not a society of shortcuts and impatience?  We want everything yesterday and wish to wait for nothing.  Yet, Jesus tells us to stop focusing on ourselves and trust him.  We become impatient when we fail to trust the guide that is leading us, which in turn causes our eyes to wander.  Jesus is not saying to take our eyes off the goal of Heaven—never must we do that, but what he is saying is that we need to trust in him and in his timing. 

We can only see the road to heaven clearly when we are looking through the lens of Christ.  Jesus begins with “I” because everything for the Christian begins, ends, and revolves around Him.  Remember, it is not the human “I” that will guide you to your heavenly goal, but it is the divine “I am” who will bring you safely to your destination.


Author: preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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