I am the Way: John 14:6

“I am the way”


            It is important that you read this statement very closely, because many people in our culture do not understand the language that Jesus is using.  He says, “I am THE way,” he does not say, “I am A way.”  Our culture seems to think that it does not matter whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, “whatever you call God,” they say, “is all the same.”  They feel that everyone is going to heaven and what is most important is that we simply all get along here on earth.  Because of that, they accuse evangelical Christians of being narrow-minded and pushy with our faith.  They see us evangelizing on the street corners, in hospitals, or at disaster scenes and they say we are offending their privacy.  They would rather that we leave them alone for a few years on earth than avoid an eternity of damnation.

            Yet, what is most interesting about this culture’s position is that it wants to affirm that a group of mutually exclusive religions as being compatible.  That is like trying to affirm that a coin is a nickel and a dime at the same time—it just cannot be.  Jesus said that he was “THE” way!  It is a statement of total exclusion.  There are no other ways or paths that can be followed; Jesus is the only option if you want to avoid the fires of judgment.

            If we are true to scripture and true to the teaching of Jesus, we can take no other stance than this; there are no other options.  You are either trusting in Jesus for salvation or you are not, there are no in-betweens and no grey areas.  There may be other roads, but those roads, though easy, only lead to destruction (Matthew 7:13).  Jesus is the only way that leads to life.

            The thing that we often struggle with is being truthful with other people, especially those closest to us.  We fear offending them.  Truth, be told, though, these people are those we ought to work the hardest with, for is it not those who we love the most who we ought to desire the most to spend eternity with?  Beloved, if these people are truly your friends, they will be the least likely to recoil from you if you share the Gospel with them.  If they are willing to walk away from a friendship because you are concerned for their soul, then you should bring into question the caliber of friendship that you had with them in the first place.

            Friends, do not be so worry about offending that you quietly participate in the eternal destruction of those you care about.  Love them with the truth.  Just as an animal cannot be a cow and a dog at the same time, so too, if your goal is heaven, you can look to no other place but Christ.   

Author: preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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