Father Fred


                                                FATHER FRED


                        Father Fred went on a religious crusade

                        To sunny California; to save the freaks he prayed.

                        He took the bus, then train, then air,

                        And then he hitch-hiked half the way there.

                        He looked for a hotel to stay the night,

                        But “no-vacancy” signs were all he could sight.

                        Finally he found a small barn out in the boondockies

                        That was used to house horses of great race jockeys.

                        The following day he hit the streets

                        In search of some rotten, dirty old thieves.

                        Wearing a hard rock T-shirt and faded blue jeans

                        No one believed him to be a priest it seemed.

                        He patrolled the beaches, both normal and nude,

                        Until he was stopped by a mean looking dude.

                        The man stood six-foot eight with a tatoo on his chest;

                        Large bags under his eyes showed his lack of rest.

                        Fred blessed the man and forgave his sins,

                        And pulled out his Bible, but before he could begin,

                        The large man laughed loudly, his mouth open so wide

                        That every cavity and filling could be seen inside.

                        With a his laugh the man halted Fred’s lofty recitation

                        And proclaimed that he was Arch-Bishop of L.A–on vacation.

                        Fred then started on his way back home with a sigh–

                        No wonder California has freaks, especially with that guy.


Have a blessed April Fools Day!

About preacherwin

A pastor, teacher, and a theologian concerned about the confused state of the church in America and elsewhere...Writing because the Christian should think Biblically.

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