Birth Announcements

I.  The Birth of John the Baptist Announced             A.  John’s Parents                         1.  Zechariah the priest (name means “Yahweh has remembered”)                         2.  Elizabeth of the house of Aaron (name means “My God is an Oath”)                         3.  Both parents from a priestly line—not a common thing to happen             B. … Read More


I.  The Purpose of a genealogy             A.  they establish Jesus’ credentials             B.  Matthew, writing to a Jewish audience takes his genealogy back to Abraham                         1.  Matthew picks up where the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 leave off                         2.  Matthew’s emphasis is on the fulfillment of Jesus’ Sonship in… Read More

Outline of 1 Peter

  I.  Greeting (1:1-2)   II.  God in his Grace is raising you out of your sin to salvation (1:3-12)             1.  God has given us new birth to a greater inheritance (1:3-5)             2.  God will keep that inheritance while you are being sanctified through persecutions (1:6-7)             3.  The joy of that salvation… Read More

Outline of 2 Peter

I.  Greeting (1:1-2)   II.  God’s Call on the life of a Christian and the Christian’s response (1:3-11)             1.  God’s calling His people to glory (1:3-4)             2.  The Christian’s response to God’s call (1:5-11)                         a.  progression of faith to love (1:5-7)                         b.  work to grow in grace (1:8-11)  … Read More

Father Fred

                                                  FATHER FRED                           Father Fred went on a religious crusade                         To sunny California; to save the freaks he prayed.                         He took the bus, then train, then air,                         And then he hitch-hiked half the way there.                         He looked for a hotel to stay the night,                         But “no-vacancy” signs… Read More

Outline of Leviticus

          I.     Outline of Leviticus a.     Manual for Sacrifice (1:1-7:38)                                                i.     Manual for Sacrifice for All Israel (1:1-6:7) 1.     Burnt Offerings (1:1-17) 2.     Grain Offerings (2:1-16) 3.     Peace Offerings (3:1-17) 4.     Sin Offerings (4:1-5:13) 5.     Guilt Offerings (5:14-6:7)                                              ii.     Manual for Sacrifice for the Priests (6:8-7:38) 1.     Burnt Offerings (6:8-13)… Read More