The Virgins and their Lamps

Win Groseclose Westminster Presbyterian Church Milton, FL 4/27/08 audio:  the-virgins-and-their-lamps The Virgins and their Lamps (Matthew 25:1-13)               One thing that the Jewish people have on us is that they know how to throw a party.  Indeed, we do, as Christians, have several special days that we celebrate—we have Christmas, we have Easter, and […]


Hidden Treasure and Pearls

Win Groseclose Westminster Presbyterian Church, Milton March 30, 2008 (Note that the audio is garbled from about minute 5 to minute 10:  sorry for the technical difficulty) hidden-treasure-and-pearls Hidden Treasure and Pearls (Matthew 13:44-46)   People love to find hidden things that they simply did not know were there in the first place.  It takes […]