Good Tidings: Isaiah 61:1c

“to herald good tidings to the meek” Isaiah 61:1c               These words should immediately bring to mind the language of the angels in proclaiming the good news before the shepherds (Luke 2:10).  Indeed it was the role of the angels to proclaim the birth of the one who would bring such good news and […]


God’s Garden

(Genesis 2-3)   It would seem that God is the original gardener.  And what a garden he planted.  It was paradise!  Yet, what made it paradise is not the variety of beautiful and tasty plants, but God’s own presence therein.   God strolled freely with Adam and Eve in the garden.  Even the pits of hell […]


Adam’s Garden

(Genesis 4)   What a contrast Adam’s garden is to God’s.  Adams is filled with rocks, thorns, and thistles.  It requires the sweat of the brow to be worked, and where was the eternal spring of water to nourish the produce?  And where was the presence of God, walking freely within? There is such a […]