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Naboth’s Vineyard

(1 Kings 21)   Once more, we have a picture of Adam’s garden.  Ahab wanted that which was not his and Naboth was too stubborn to give the king what he wanted.  While Naboth is certainly “in the right” by all legal and moral estimations, he still coveted the land of his fathers.  Now we […]


Solomon’s Garden

(The Song of Solomon)   While it is important not to allegorize this book, there is a clear sense of looking both forward and back.  This is Solomon’s pursuit of a young lady, but the purity with which this pursuit is done is a model for all Christians today.  In addition, it points back to […]


Habakkuk’s Garden

(Habakkuk 3: 17-19)   In many ways, Habakkuk’s story is like that of Job’s.  Though Habakkuk had not been afflicted personally with trial, God’s people were being afflicted by their neighboring nations.  Assyria had conquered the northern Kingdom of Israel and Babylon had just conquered the kingdom of Assyria and would soon come to destroy […]


A Treasure Hidden in a Field

 (Matthew 13:44)   This parable, I find to have some particularly interesting elements.  First of all, the man stumbles on the treasure by accident, or, more accurately, by God’s providence.  He was not looking for it and he found it in a field that had been tilled and planted by another who had not found […]



(Matthew 26:36)   What a sad garden, indeed.  It is the place where Jesus went to spend his final hours with his disciples.  It is the place where the disciples could not even stay awake with him in his final hour.  It is the place where one of his disciples would betray him.  And, it […]