Secular Society

“For we ourselves were at one time foolish, disobedient, misled, slaves to our lusts and pleasures of various kinds also, spending our lives in evil and jealousy, hated and hating one another.”

(Titus 3:3)

As Americans, people often proclaim with great pride that we are a secular culture. The dictionary defines “secular” as having no ties to a religious body. The term comes from the Latin term, saecularis, referring to that which is of this period of time or this age, though in the Latin translation of the Bible, it is referred to those things that are worldly (see, for example: 1 Corinthians 6:3, Titus 2:12, or Hebrews 9:1). And though I wish that were not the case, I must confess that those Americans who proclaim us a secular society are right…though it wasn’t designed by our nation’s Founding Fathers to be such.

Do you want to know what God’s view of a secular society is? Here we have it in a compact and succinct form. Those who are secular are foolish (Psalm 53:1), they are disobedient, misled (away from what is true), and they are slaves to their lusts and their pleasures (literally, “multi-colored pleasures”). They are jealous, pursue evil things, and they hate one another only to be hated by one another. So, why would anyone in their right mind celebrate “secular” society? Indeed, they are not in their right mind.

Until one is born again by the Holy Spirit. Until one is converted, one will think only as the seculars think. In fact, μετανοέω (metanoeo), which we translate as “conversion,” literally means to have one’s mind changed. One used to think as the secularists think, but now, because of the work of God in our hearts, we think differently, no longer as secularists but as “asecularists” — as people whose lives and thought are founded on a religious ideology and who, most specifically, are Biblical Christians (or at least who are growing into Biblical Christians).

We sometimes lament that secular society is as immoral as it is…but why should that surprise us, the Bible in many places, but in concise terms here, describes exactly the mindset of the secularist and the society that they create.

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