Prudent Young Men Raising Prudent Families

“In the same way, exhort the young men to be prudent.”

(Titus 2:6)

A great deal of weight rests on the little word, ὡσαύτως (hosautos) — “in the same way.” In other words, as important as it is to train the young women to love their husbands and be submissive to their authority, it is just as important that the men be prudent and not reckless. For imprudence amongst the young men, especially when they are beginning their homes and starting households, can have disastrous results. Further, it is blaspheming the Word of God.

Why, perchance, we might ask, is imprudence within the marriage a blaspheming of God’s Word? It is certainly sin and leads to all sorts of problems like adultery, covetousness, lying, and idolatry. But surely not every sin is a blasphemy against the Word of God. So why this?

God has designed the family to be the basic building-block unit in society, thus we see it instituted from the beginning, before the Fall, in the Garden of Eden. It is the most basic form of government (save perhaps self-government) and thus once again God has invested authority in the husband to govern, discipline, and protect his home. Churches are both called a family of God (Ephesians 2:19; 1 Timothy 3:15; 1 Peter 4:17) and are built by families in covenant with one another. Communities are built on families that live in connection to each other and governments from the lowest level in our villages and towns all of the way up to our Federal governments are ultimately constructed with the building blocks of family. And God has proclaimed this to be good and proper.

And so, if our families are broken, if our families are recklessly ordered, or if our families are governed imprudently, they will provide weak building blocks and the society built upon them will collapse (we are seeing this in America today). And if the Christian family, which is meant to be a sure foundation for society and culture, is fragile and unstable — even though God says it is not — then we are bringing the Word of God into question…and that is blasphemy.

How sad it is that so many Christians have so low a view of God and of his Word that they would bring disgrace about that Word by the way they live and act. How shameful it is when the church does not address this sad state. And how blasphemous it is when the church excuses the folly of the youth…or endorses it.

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