Older Women and Ordering the House

“Older women, in the same way, in an attitude of reverence, do not slander; do not be enslaved to much wine; but teach what is good in order to train up the younger ones to love their husbands and be loving of children, self-controlled, pure, to carry out their household duties, kind, and submissive to their own husbands in order that  the Word of God may not be blasphemed.”

(Titus 2:3-5)

How people in our western culture recoil from words like these — submissive to your husbands, labor faithfully in your household duties, and focus on training up the younger women to love their husbands, not to slander, and to be reverent. How feminism has skewed our thought and driven the minds and attitudes of Americans away from the attitude of God. Does this mean that Christians are to look at women only in the context of homemakers? No, though there is tremendous dignity in homemaking. Further, think of Ruth and the woman of noble character spoken of in Proverbs 31; she has a role that is integral to the well-being of the family, the ability of her husband to exercise leadership in the community, and even in the community itself. When understood Biblically, there is nothing demeaning about the distinction between masculine and feminine roles; they are simply designed by God to guide us in the ordering of our households.

The key phrase, though, is the final one. Why are older women to act with such reverence and to teach the younger women to do the same? It is because to do otherwise would blaspheme God. God is stating that this is the way a family is to be ordered, so any time we try and mix up the structure of the family based on our own aspirations, we are in essence shaking our fists at God. And indeed, this is something which our culture is famous for doing…not only in our homes, but in our churches. How often churches justify women serving as Elders of Pastors based on cultural standards and not based on Biblical standards. Paul minces no words when it comes to such practices; neither ought we.


  1. gtnyetoo

    I get it. I’m sticking my tongue out at you, Win, but I get it. I understand why God wants things this way so that the household can be run smoothly, the churches can run smoothly, and men will KNOW that they need to step forward in their families and in their churches. As a woman I have served as an Elder and did a good job, I think, but it wasn’t good for my family. Men, for reasons that God knows and I don’t completely understand, need woman to stand back and allow them to lead. I don’t think it’s saying anything bad about either men or women but it’s just how God has shown us it works better. God help us to look to your Word and be guided by it even when we don’t completely understand and may desire to argue. Give us guidance and strength to do your will and not our own. In Jesus name . . .


    1. preacherwin

      Amen and Amen. God designed us to do certain things and sin causes us to want to do anything but what it that God has designed for us to do. So we all need to be in submission to His word and in doing so, we will discover that we will find satisfaction in those things that God has laid out for us to do and to be.

      Our world is shaped by the philosophy of existentialism, which, at its core, holds to the position that existence precedes essence…in other words, you are born into this world and then you determine what the meaning of your life will be (with an emphasis on YOU doing the determining). The Bible rejects this idea and calls us to recognize that our essence is given to us by an unchanging God…a God who has ordained our essence before the foundation of the cosmos. Our only hope is to find our meaning in Him. Thus the Westminster Shorter Catechism begins with “What is the chief end of man? a. To glorify God and to enjoy him forever.”

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