The Great Fall

“And Zabach and Tsalmunna were in Qarqor with their army of 15,000 — all who were left from the whole army of the Sons of the East. One hundred and twenty thousand men had fallen, who drew the sword.”

Let’s talk about casualties for just a few minutes. Eleven percent of the Midian army (along with their allies) is all that is left — thousands of men slaughtered by their own swords under the judgment of God. Midian’s back has been broken as a nation and will never again rise up to the kind of dominance in the region that they once had. Such is the penalty for the oppression of God’s people.

Sometimes I fear that we do not really take time to dwell upon the immense cost that rebellion against God brings. Indeed, the Midianites were God’s tool to punish the Israelites for their idolatry and so God permitted such oppression to take place, eventually causing his people to repent before He raised up a deliverer. And now, they are being judged for their sin and arguably a whole generation of young men will be destroyed due to this nation’s sin. It is God’s righteous judgment.

Yet, as I look around the landscape of America, it seems that many who claim the name of Christ are setting themselves up for the same kind of judgment. No, they may not die by the sword in a miraculous deliverance such as this, but they will die in judgment none-the-less. Many churches, even, seeking short-term gains, are utterly dismissing the Word of God in their rebellion. And doing so, they set themselves up for a devastating fall…and how great that fall will be.

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