Needing Your Help!

Some of you know that my son, Paul, and I both had strokes at the beginning of 2016. This year, my son, who is now almost 15, is telling his story (as a stroke survivor) as part of a video competition hosted by a Pittsburgh film school and the Carnegie Science Center. The theme of the competition is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and he is tying in the remarkable technology that was used as part of his therapy in recovery. The video is also meant as a reminder that strokes are not just conditions that the elderly suffer, but younger adults, youth, and children as well.

This has been a great opportunity for him to stretch his skills as a film producer and I would invite all of you to support and encourage his work in this medium. Also, one of the awards in the competition goes to the film that is the “Viewer’s Choice.” To vote in favor of his, you must watch the video on YouTube and then hit “Like.”

Please consider “Liking” this film that he has done and also sharing this link with as many people as you can in the hopes of spreading awareness of strokes and our youth.

Thank you all, and God bless you,


Paul’s film can be found by clicking HERE.

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