“And it was that the Sons of Israel cried out to Yahweh because of the Midianites.”

(Judges 6:7)

Do you remember playing the game “Hot-Potato” as a child? It’s that game where you have a ball that is pretended to be a potato taken right out of the oven. Because it is hot, you want to pass it out of your hands as quickly as possible. The game, of course, is to pass it around a group of children quickly to see who is left with it at a given point in time.

A pastor-friend of mine used to use this game as an illustration for how God deals with our sin. We tend to get comfortable with our sin and when we get comfortable in our sin, we are often willing to accept a degree discomfort to keep our sins. So, God turns up the heat. Eventually  our sin gets so “hot” that we can no longer hold onto it. In this game, it is not so much a handing of sin between friends, but it is casting our sin to the side, putting it to death, and ending its influence in our lives. Midian is the expression of God turning up the heat and ti took seven years before the people got to the point where they cried out to God because of the consequences of their sin. May it not be so long with us.

“With my voice, to Yahweh I cry; with my voice, I plead for compassion. I pour out my lament before Him; my distress before him I declare.”

(Psalm 142:1-2)

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