“Thus, may all your enemies perish, Yahweh! And may his beloved be like the sun in its strength! Then the land had rest for 40 years.”

(Judges 5:31)

The end of the poem — the end of the song — with a praise and a blessing. It is a call for all who stand against the glory of God to perish, to be crushed under the boot of God’s judgment, and to be brought low in disgrace. May such be the end of all who are enemies of our God. And then, in contrast, may God’s beloved, his elect through the ages, be lifted in honor to the glory of God. May the light that we shine be a light that illuminates Truth through the ages and across the lands to the glory of Christ.

And then the land, after 20 years of strife under the reign of the king of Canaan, God brought rest to the land. The rest that is spoken of, is not simply rest from earthly oppression, but it is the rest from the oppression of idolatry. We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that sin has no consequences in our life, but indeed, it does. It wears on our soul, it wears on our families, and it wears on our churches. It is oppression because it robs us of life, for true life is lived in relationship with God. And it makes the joy of our salvation stale. How sad it is that we so often attribute sweetness to the saccharine of sin. May God give us this kind of rest in our lives today.

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