Sisera Fell

“For water, he asked; milk she gave him. In a magnificent bowl, she brought cream. Her hand upon a wooden peg was set and her right hand to the workman’s mallet. She beat Sisera; shattered his head — shattered and pierced through his temple. Between her feet he bowed and fell and lay still — between her feet he bowed and fell. Where he bowed, there he fell and was devastated.”

(Judges 5:25-27)

Oorah! As a former student of mine exclaimed (back when I taught High School), “Jael is hard-core!” Indeed she is. She offered him milk instead of water…and a bowl with either cream or curds, depending on how one wishes to translate, hDaVmRj (chemah), which can refer to sour milk (curds) or cream. Either way, Jael demonstrates great warmth and hospitality before she strikes this wicked oppressor dead. The thing, too, to remember, is that everything about this language is celebratory in nature. This is the judgment of God being worked through the wife of Heber.

We are trained in today’s culture to be “nice” to everyone…or at least to try and be nice. The problem is that there comes a time and a place where nice no longer fits the bill. Of course, we must be careful not to use this as an excuse to do evil to another and not to love our neighbor and to pray for those who are our enemies. At the same time, when God brings down his enemies with a mighty crash, there is a place for God’s people to rejoice and celebrate.

This does not mean we do not pray for the salvation of those who oppress us, but it does mean that when God pours out his judgment upon one who is His enemy, there is a place for celebration in the life of God’s people. Sisera fell. Haman fell. Herod fell. Nero fell. And the wicked of today’s age, who oppress believers too, will fall.

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