Cut Off

“Now, behold, Baraq was pursuing Sisera and Jael went out to call to him, saying to him, ‘Come and see the man whom you are seeking!’ He went to her and behold, Sisera lay dead! And there was a wooden tent peg in his temple. So, on that day, God humbled he who is Jabin, king of Canaan — before the Sons of Israel. And the hand of the Sons of Israel moved and moved hard against  Jabin, king of Canaan until Jabin, king of Canaan, was cut off.”

(Judges 4:22-24)

The historical account comes to the close with the humiliation and then the destruction of Jabin and his power. Again, such is the ultimate end of those who stand against the God of Israel…the God of the Church of Jesus Christ. Nations rage and people raise their fist in rebellion, plotting their own rise to power, but God sits enthroned in the heavens and mocks at his foes, for he will bring them low. And though the historical account comes to a close with the destruction of Jabin, the humiliation will continue as Deborah raises her song…a song that both praises God for the victory and admonishes the men (who should have been the leaders) who had cowered in fear of Jabin and Sisera. Again, such are the ways of God. He is not one to simply liberate his people, but he shows us the way he calls us to walk and refines us in that way.

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