Judah and Simeon Tag Team

“And Judah said to Simeon, his brother, ‘Go up with me into the allotment and we will fight against the Canaanites and I will then go with you into your allotment.’ And Simeon went with him.”

(Judges 1:3)

God has anointed Judah to go first. And though God has already promised it into Judah’s hand, Judah requests that Simeon accompany him. Though we may be tempted to view this as a weakness in Judah’s faith, God still chooses to bless their conquest as is seen in the verses that follow. It should be noted that while the singular is used above — for example, Judah says, “I, myself, will go with you into your allotment…” — these are corporate representatives — Federal Heads even — who speak on behalf of those who are in their tribe. Thus, we find both of these tribes going up together to conquer the land that God has given into their hands.

How regularly God exercises patience with our doubts. God says, “Go!” and we say, “But wait!” God says, “Follow me!” and we say, “Let me finish this or that first.” God says, “Obey me!” and we say, “Can I have a second opinion on that first?” “Go up into the land and I will give your enemies into your hand!” And Judah says, “Great, but first let me see if my brother will go with me to help me out.”

Obedience requires trust and trust requires a belief that God is able to do what he promises that he will do. How often we do not obey because we doubt God’s ability to do these things. And thus we repeatedly fall short of God’s glory. Loved ones, there is nothing inherently wrong with collaborating on a major task — indeed, Jesus sent his disciples out two-by-two. At the same time, if God places a clear call before us, we should go and do so fearlessly, fearing only Him who sent us.

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