Sermons in Jude

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Milton, FL

Pastor, Win Groseclose


Warning Signs (Jude 1-2): 8/26/07   01-warning-signs

Contending for the Faith (Jude 3-4): 9/2/07    02-contending-for-the-faith

Jesus Who Saves and Brings into Judgment (Jude 5-7):  9/9/07    03-jesus-who-saves-and-brings-into-judgment

The Lord Rebuke You (Jude 8-9):  9/23/07     04-the-lord-rebuke-you

Woe to Them! (Jude 10-11):  9/30/07      05-woe-to-them

Metaphors (Jude 12-13):  10/7/07     06-metaphors

Holy Ones, Judgment, and the Ungodly (Jude 14-16):  10/14/07      07-holy-ones-judgment-and-the-ungodly

Build Up-Don’t Puff Up (Jude 17-21):  10/21/07          08-build-up-dont-puff-up

Jude’s Evangelism Technique (Jude 22-23):  10/28/07     09-judes-evangelism-technique

Words of Glory (Jude 24-25):  11/04/08        10-words-of-glory

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